So, who is Tyler Simmonds?

I'm an award-winning filmmaker, creative director, and mindfulness expert who is extremely passionate about improving humanity through mindfulness and creativity.

I've began sharing my mental health story in 2016 which landed me lots of exposure and speaking opportunities. I am a firm believer that mindfulness, when used in the right way - can give anyone a more resilient, thoughtful, and happy state of mind. Why do I believe this? Because I've done it. Mindfulness is a way of being, snd I'm here to help you improve your life with it. 

What does he do?

I teach people how to be more mindful in their workplace and/or personal life. Mindfulness is a skill that is crucial to become successful in any aspect of your life.

I'm also a professional public speaker who as spoken to thousand of people and inspired them to live more fulfilling lives.

Lastly, I'm an award winning filmmaker. I use my filmmaking skills to help you reflect on your life, in hopes to make you more aware of your true self.


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