Tyler Simmonds is a filmmaker, artist, writer, and entrepreneur. At an early age Tyler began discovering his creative talents. He became very infatuated with the art of filmmaking, and creative writing. Like many other creatives Tyler uses his creative expression to help him cope with his obstacles. He decides to use his many talents to inspire others, to help bring awareness to struggles of the world and to let individuals know they are not alone.

Living a very minimalistic and zen lifestyle, Tyler invites you to become your greatest self.  

Artist statement -- 

"I combine images, audio, and motions to provoke thought and emotion. Struggle is always present in my work. Though the work may seem playful or the task very simple, my struggle to maintain is often downplayed or hidden. This secret struggle is my fascination. My images and ideas are designed to have visual impact while embracing a longing to connect."

- Tyler Simmonds