I know it's hard right now. It's hard for me right now. But I've seen the other side and it's beautiful. 

I've bared my soul and have worn my heart on my sleeve. Although there have been people who tried to convince me I've had ultrasound video rior motives, I know the truth now. I'm really doing this for you...For us. I'm not an attention seeker, in fact, for my entire life I've run away from attention. 

Bu know you're going through some shit right now and sometimes you feel hopeless. I know you feel misunderstood. I know you hide your feelings because you're afraid to be vulnerable.

This message is to let you know you belong, and I'm here if you want to grow with me. My existence on this planet is to connect with all of you so we can rise together. I'll be waiting for you if you want to live out your dreams with me.  




Tyler Simmonds