Growing Pains

I've been going through a spiritual transformation and it's been difficult... But I know these are growing pains. With so much tragedy in this world, I'm feeling grateful to feel loved and to love. At times I lay in bed thinking about how this world can be healed with love. All that I can do is my part by bringing love into the lives of others. The way that I'm doing that is by being my authentic self.


I continue to share so much with you all because I love you. I love myself, so I can't help but love you, we're one. No matter how many things you read online or see in the media, remember that we are one. Please, don't let the darkness of this world divide us. 

A lot of people have been asking me for advice lately. Of course, I want to help, it's only natural. But me trying to act like Superman in everyone's life would be harmful (I've tried it before). I honestly don't like taking on the role of somebody who "gives advice." my goal has always been to share a message.

and my life is my message, so I will share that.

My message is a message from the present moment. It's where we find peace. Right here, right now. On a journey to become more awakened, or "woke" it gets really hard sometimes. I remember when I really got into doing deep meditation intensely I'd start to feel like I was losing myself. As you can imagine this was a scary feeling. But I kept going, and going, and going...and I'm still going. When I was losing myself, I was really just losing all of the labels people put on me, that I also put on myself. 

I've been forced to realize I'm working with the universe here. We work together and we trust each other. Collectively we can all work with the universe and live a life of peace. I truly believe that, more than anything. 

I'm very much so, a child. I'm curious, I'm playful, I get stubborn sometimes, throw a fit here and there and I love to tease people. I love creating things and I dress however I want. If there is anything I want you to learn from me is to be yourself, and to stay child-like. Our inner-child is our genius, and we must protect it. 

Be here now.

With love,



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