How To: Battle Depression & Anxiety Without Medication

The use of words like depression and anxiety has become common in our lives. One out of five people are apparently depressed, sad or worried about one or another thing. Either the routine is so hectic that they are anxious all the time to do the activities in time or else they have to face such incidents which leaves them stressed. Most of the people in such situations turn towards medication and end up being psychiatric drug addicts. 

There is a better solution to deal with anxiety and depression! You can read about the natural ways to treat this situation below.

Natural remedies to deal with depression and anxiety:

The very first question to ask yourself in this regard is that whether you want to come out of this miserable situation or not? In most of the cases, people are tired of their depression and anxiety but lack the motivation to win it over. The percentage of people who aren’t aware of what’s happening to them is comparatively low. The things that you need to do are as follows:

  • Love and make time for yourself:

You are a good human being and that is what you need to believe. The belief system with which you live needs to be strong so that you can deal with any kind of situation at any time. You need to believe in your abilities, be your own support and love what you like to do. 


  • Inner satisfaction is the key to defeat depression:

Once you are satisfied with your routine and the work you are doing, you’ll feel much better. The people around you have a great influence on your mood which is why you need to surround yourself with those who appreciate, support and love you.


  • Yoga and meditation:

This is another very helpful way to soothe your soul, calm your nerves and relax your body. These three things help in improving the mood. Once your mood is improved, you start to have a better perspective about life and live it more actively.


  • Exercise:

Along with good diet and ample amount of water, exercising regularly is a key factor which helps in fighting anxiety, controlling your nerves and enhancing your mood. While exercising, the body secretes healthy and mood alleviating chemicals such as endorphins that make one feel good about themselves. Moreover, exercising keeps a person healthy and active. The effect of laziness over our body is nullified with the exercising steps. Just 10 minutes of exercise can help boost your mood!

Tyler Simmonds