Getting In Tune With Your Angels

Last year I felt more connected with others than I did in my entire life. This was a beautiful feeling. But it also showed me that the saying is true: "With new levels come, new devils." It's up to us to figure out how to battle these new negative forces that come into our life. The way we deal with these new "devils" is by getting in tune with meditation and/or yoga. This is where we learn about those devils but also about our angels. You learn that the positive forces I call angels are more powerful than those dark forces I call devils. You learn to let go and live in the flow...Only inflow can your angels move through you freely.

Connecting with your angels doesn't take much work. All that is needed from you is to listen, and the universe will take care of the rest. Meditation is very simple. But, it's so simple that to humans it seems complex. We always feel we should be in control, and we are always searching for something. But when meditating we need to let go of all of those ego-driven thoughts, which can make meditation uncomfortable.  

For so many years I’ve been searching. Searching for a purpose, happiness, love, and myself. I felt lost. I’ve realized that all of these things are already within me - they’re already in all of us. We just need to take time to tune in and listen to the universe.

Meditation has become a regular part of my life and I encourage you all to incorporate it into your weekly routine. It shows me how simple life really is. 
Want love? Look inside
Want happiness? Look inside
Want purpose? Look inside

After practicing different mediations and yoga teachings for the past 5+ years - I feel I am now ready to share what I've learned. That being said, I'm no higher than anybody else - we are on the same level. I'm nobody's guru and I never will be. I am one with my people (you) and I hope that you can join me on this journey to becoming my highest self. I'm not here to teach you how to live, I'm here to show you how I live. I'm not here to teach you anything, I am here to learn. I hope that we can all create a large community of thought-leaders and possitive change-makers. 

Tyler Simmonds1 Comment