Getting Through The Darkness

When I look at these photos I feel like I don’t know the person in them. At this point of my life I was consumed with darkness. If anyone would have told me things would get better I would have never believed it. I wasn’t even paying attention to the person who took these photos as I was so in my head. I wasn’t posing for these photos. I just literally did not care. 
When I look at these photos I’m thankful for the lessons this version of myself taught me. But they also make me sad because I was isolated, lonely, and in pain mentally...trying to figure things out. #worldmentalhealthday is today and I have a weird relationship with these days. They bring up memories about these times which causes anxiety and depression. I really hate being reminded of just how bad my depression and anxiety were. To get it out of my head I write about it. I hope that my story can give you hope. I’m still a work in progress, but I think we all are. 

Although Im a different person from the one in these photos. I am thankful for him as I wouldnt be the person I am today without him. I am not ashamed of the old me anymore, just thankful.

- Tyler

Tyler Simmonds4 Comments