Am I Too Open?


Around 3 years ago I started showing myself to more people. Over time I'm realizing I keep sharing more and more - and the things I'm sharing are getting more personal. Ask anybody, even my family, and they'd tell you I've always been a private person. Extremely private. But you could also ask them what's something interesting in my personality - Most would say "He does EVERYTHING in extremes." This means if I decide to go vegan in the middle of the day - Trust me, I'll be vegan for the entire year. If I decide I want to get a new place, chances are I'm moving very soon and buying furniture for it I probably can't afford...Yet. 

Maybe this is the reason I've been able to accomplish the amount I have from speaking out about mental health. From the beginning, I knew that if this was something I felt passionate about I had to open up to the extreme. Honestly, it was very easy for me - I just made this decision...bare all, let everyone see you naked, let everyone know your secrets, show all sides of you. I did this and it was the most freeing feeling I've ever felt. It still is. But I'm not gonna lie, this shit is weird. People knowing my likes and dislikes before I even meet them. People expecting me to be the answer to all of their problems because they saw me on the news talking about mental health, and the weirdest one; people thinking I'm positive all day every day (still don't quite understand that one) - The people who think that should read my tweets more. Although it's weird, I can't complain...I love weird.

On a more serious note; Opening up meant opening up about all aspects of my life. Most important ones? Relationships and vices. I'm a shallow person at times and I treat whiskey like another form of medicine on weekends. I'm a great friend, but I will flake on you in a minute. I'm a great boyfriend but I will cheat on - wait, I think I'm over the phase in my life. I'm a pleasure to work with, but don't you dare get on my bad side...I see red.

That right there is opening up. People will relate to it, and people will judge me for it...But I feel a sense of freedom now. Nobody can use anything about my life against me...I've already told the entire world everything. I expose myself. 

So am I too open? DM, what you think on Instagram. I'll be giving away a new badass faux leather jacket (Size M) to a random responder for making it through another lousy blog post completely centered around myself.

- Ty

Love Ya