Talk Like TED

Last year I purchased this book. Maybe it sounds weird, but I didn't even read it. I would look at it every day believing I'd have a TED someday soon. This year I was contacted to speak at TEDxMSVU and received a standing ovation. 
What do you want in life? Think about it. Got it? Now surround yourself with that... Live that. I share this with you all because I encourage you to believe in yourself wholeheartedly.  Know your worth. Know you are more than good enough. Don't stop working towards your goals, no matter what happens. 

When you believe in yourself, it almost feels like you have a cheat-code to life. That's exactly how my life feels right now. But I'm aware that life keeps updating like a video game, so I need to make sure the cheat-code is up to date. This means I can't be afraid of change. Be comfortable with embracing new ideas and keep an open mind. 

Thank you to everyone who has been supporting me thus far - It means more than you know. I really believe I have some of the greatest supporters in the world. I will continue to do more to end stigma and challenge stereotypes.


Tyler Simmonds2 Comments