How I'm Staying On Track

After my last float at the Floatation Centre I had plans of writing about my experience. Unfortunately, I got sick and got extremely busy afterward. From what I remember about that float, it was relaxing as always, and much needed before the holidays. It kept my social anxiety at bay and I was able to make it through the holidays without having a panic attack.

If you've been following me, you know that I've been doing lots of talks, interviews, and work at Laing House.

I'm now having some downtime (like two days). and I'd like to tell you all about the things I'm using to stay on track: I've started investing in wearable tech. I believe that we can use digital technology to better our mental health. By tracking sleep, workouts, heart rate etc...

Photo by anyaberkut/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by anyaberkut/iStock / Getty Images

This year I'm experimenting a lot more with technology like neurofeedback - Something I've tried before and was very impressed with. I believe that consistently doing meditation, yoga, floating, neurofeedback, taking the right supplements and keeping track of myself with wearable tech - I will see some amazing results. Out of all of these things, floatation tanks are still my safe haven, this is where I go to learn more about myself. 

These things are not the only things that keep me going. Nothing keeps me going more than seeing the smiles on the faces of others. Nothing can, or will ever compare to the human connection. BUT these are some great things I do to stay on track. I advise you to do your own research before trying these things, and speaking with your doctor or a professional. We want to do more good than harm 👊🏾. 

With that being said, I think it's time for me to book another float. If you're interested in trying it out let me know - I'd love to see your face after your first float! 

Talk Soon!


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