My New Relationship With The Floatation Tank


If you've been following me for the past few months, you know I love floatation tanks. But not only that, I love anything that can improve the state of ones mind. 

When I first tried a sensory deprivation tank, people thought I had lost my mind. In fact, I had found it.
— Ryan Lilly

This latest trip to The Floatation Centre was a unique one. I was extremely stressed because of the different projects I'm working on and I was desperate for some type of relief. But not only was I stressed because of my projects, I was stressed because of a relationship ending. A relationship that I had to get used to not being in...It's a process.

So this is what I would have done in the past while going through a breakup from a serious relationship: 1.drink loads of alcohol 2. party every weekend 3. look for temporary pleasure and  4. lay in bed all day while I stoop into a deep depression

This time I decided to meditate and float.

You know that feeling you get when you are talking to a friend who genuinely cares about you? they comfort you, and the pain you once felt doesn't feel so bad anymore. The floatation tank has sorta been like that for me for the past few weeks. I've been connecting with myself and becoming my own best friend. We tend to make space for people in our lives we care about, and when those people are no longer there it can be hard. This time instead of trying to fill that empty space with somebody else, I filled it with my love for self-improvement.

This is confirmation that everything we are looking for, already lives inside of each and every one of us. 

*If you're in the Halifax area, checkout The Floatation Centre. The people who work there are extra friendly and chill. It makes you enjoy the experience that much more

Book a float at and tell them Tyler sent you ;)

Tyler Simmonds