Tyler Simmonds speaks openly about his experience living with mental illness, reminding people that recovery is possible and emphasizing the importance of talking to getting well. His is clearly a message that resonates with many. In 2016, the Huffington Post named him one of the “10 Inspirational people under 30 you should be following on Twitter.” With a history of severe depression and anxiety, Tyler credits his recovery journey with helping him finally talk about his issues. Now a motivational speaker, he tells his story to inspire others. Between speaking at schools to encourage youth living with mental health illness to get treatment, to working at the peer support organization, Laing House, and engaging with his over 30,000 Twitter followers, Tyler is committed to reaching as many people about mental health as possible. Last year he found success with a new medium, receiving a Best Local Short Film award at the Bluenose Ability Film Festival for his film In My Mind. Through his many channels, Tyler is inspiring people in Nova Scotia, across Canada, and around the world to speak up about their mental health. Because of his mental health advocacy — In 2017 Tyler Simmonds was listed as one of the CAMH Difference Makers. Tyler is also a proud spokesperson for Bell Let’s Talk .



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