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This is an invitation for individuals to be vulnerable and share their stories, knowledge, and wisdom. Please try your best to be respectful of the feelings of all parties involved. We are aware that debates and arguments may happen, which are fine as long as they don't escalate into physical altercations or hate speech.

If we feel you are a risk to the artist we will contact you in advance to let you know if you have been banned from this event. We will never ban you without giving a legitimate reason.

If we feel you are being disrespectful or a threat to not only the artist but other participants we will have you removed. 

This is not a therapy session. The artist is simply that, an artist. Please don't join this if you are in crisis. If you are in crisis please click here


The day will consist of:

Walk together

Cafe together

Art Gallery together

Dinner together

Gym together

Create together

You will receive more details once you sign up, so be sure to check your email. Talk soon.