I'm smiling, because of love

I don't feel broken hearted anymore.

I feel more alive then I have in a very long time. 

Things are simple again, and I love it. I'm writing this to the people who are confused and aren't sure when things are going to get better. 

I fell deeply in love with a beautiful woman months ago. This was the first woman I felt I wanted children, a home, and all of those grown-up things with. Unfortunately, it ended, with no warning. It hurt at first, and I felt like I was cut quickly by a sharp knife, by somebody I trusted. This was a reasonable way to think in the beginning I think. But that feeling didn't stay long, and I started to heal my wound. Instead of asking "why did it end?" I'm choosing to ask "what did I learn?".  

The truth is, I've learned a lot from that experience. So, instead of being in pain like I did at the end of so many other relationships - I feel more whole. I've learned more about myself while in this relationship then I did in all of my others combined. 

Really all I'm trying to say is - we can choose to take the good out of a situation and leave the bad. So when you see the new Tyler, the one who can't stop smiling...You're just seeing somebody who figured out how to see the good in every situation and is grateful for feeling such a deep love.

I don't know how to end this post. 

Love ya,


Tyler SimmondsComment